Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The best craft purchase I have made in the past six months is definitely the Crop-a-dile. I got it around Christmastime and I have become an eyelet addict ever since! It is so easy to use. And truly silent. You can set small and large eyelets with it.

At first sight I was intimidated by it--I thought it looked heavy and bulky. Boy, was I wrong. As soon as it was demoed for me, I was hooked.

You can purchase it either by itself or with a matching case that also comes with quite a selection of eyelets. If you go to crops, stamp camps, etc., it is definitely worth getting the carry/storage case.

The toughest part is deciding whether to purchase it in pink or lime green. I got pink because that was the only color in stock at the time. Lucky for me--I hate having to make those difficult decisions!

Happy crafting, Lisa

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