Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Exploding Box From July

Hello Fellow Crafters,

I finally got a chance to start embellishing the Exploding Box I made as a sample for the class I ran back in July.

This is a gift for friends of mine that have a West Highland Terrier. Their first WHT, Flocki, passed a few years ago and they immediately got Perry. So, I have included pictures of both pets. I am sure you cannot see it in the photo, but the written words on one side say, 'Pets leave paw prints in our hearts.' On the other side is a German translation of the saying. I typed it in a pawprint font I downloaded free! The patterned paper is from Joanne's. I couldn't find WHT paper, but I thought the Scottish Terrier paper was nice--same dog, different color. The little WHT statue was a challenge to find. I looked in many stores, including specialty china shops. No luck. I walk into a CVS/Walgreens type store and voila! Who would have thought?

Well, that's all for today. Hope you check back soon--I finally got to embellish my Exploding Frankie and I will be posting him again.


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