Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Exploding Frankie

Have you joined the Frankie craze yet? If not, there's still time--Halloween is more than eight weeks away!
Monday evening I saw Dawn's Frankies
and decided right away that I had to make an Exploding Box Frankie.
The first picture shows the exploding box closed with the cover. The second picture is a close-up of the cover. The third picture shows how the box looks when it is opened. The little Frankie inside the box has a face on both sides. I thought it was a cute idea to lift the cover and have a Frankie inside too. (See July posting for instructions on making an exploding box.)
As I wanted to get him posted ASAP, I didn't get a chance to decorate the flaps. I have a lot of Halloween patterned paper and embellishments, but as usual I have to pick out the photos I want to use. By using both sides of the flaps, I can put up to 20 photos.
Frankies are so cute and easy to make. Next I think I may make an Exploding Bride of Frankie.
I hope you liked my version of Frankie. Thanks for stoppping by and don't forget, if you haven't joined the craze yet, we would still love to see your Frankies.
p.s. Don't forget to check out Dawn's Frankies and the links she has to other Frankies!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa Your exploding Frankie is adorable .. I have posted your link on my blog to your awesome Frankie
Thank you
Dawn Griffith