Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Treasure Boxes for Shriner's Hospital

Hello Everyone,
On Saturday I painted for the first time! Well, it was more like paint by numbers--sort of like coloring in stamped images.
Two of my stamping friends (who are artists) belong to an art group that paints 'treasure boxes' every year that they donate to the Shriner's Hospital in Tampa. 60 boxes have to be donated at one time. The children use these boxes to store their personal items during their stay. Anyway, this year they were asking for volunteers to help paint the boxes. So, bright and early (9:00 AM) I show up with the box I bought. Being the nice artists that my friends are, they had already stenciled images onto some boxes. I immediately 'exchanged' my blank box for a stenciled one. I chose my favorite color--purple. So, all I had to do then was paint inside the lines!
The first picture shows me hard at work. There I am in the second picture with my finished box. The third picture is a group shot.
I was quite pleased with my treasure box. I guess I did OK, because Gini and Carol already said they'll be expecting me again next year.
That's it for today--thanks for stopping by.

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