Saturday, January 10, 2009

Update on Stacey's Gift Basket

I just realized I never posted a 'finished' picture of Stacey's gift basket. (Basket is from Joann's and it coordinated beautifully with everything.)
I didn't previously post the photo candle. This sure was easy to do and came out so pretty. I followed a tutorial I saw on SCS (it was for stamping, but it is the same procedure for pictures). Tape a piece of tissue paper onto copier/printer paper. Make sure you tape all the edges or it will rip going through the printer. Yes, I know from experience! Print your picture and cut out from tissue paper. Position it on the candle. Wrap a piece of wax paper (very tightly) around the candle, leaving extra in the back to use as a handle. Let your embossing gun heat up about 45 seconds. Now heat your image. It is just like embossing, you will see the image start to change. Once the whole image is done, roll your candle to make sure it is smooth, and gently peel away wax paper. Voila, you now have a beautiful candle. (A little tip, I wore an oven mitt on my hand that held the candle. Just safer that way as the heat gun gets very hot.)
You can view the original SCS tutorial here:
You can see my prior postings on Stacey's gift here:
Word for word, this is what Stacey wrote on the thank you card: Lisa & Wolfgang, Thank you so much for the basket of goodies! The time, imagination, and thought that went into all of that is amazing and we both appreciate your thoughtfulness. Love, Stacey & Brian
By the way, Stacey loved the monogrammed stationery so much that she placed an order for JRS. In fact, she stamped the monogram on the envelopes of her thank you cards.
Another by the way, I so loved how the candle turned out that I made one for my niece with a family picture from her Sweet Sixteen party. I included it with the album I made her for Christmas (which was supposed to be for her 17th birthday, but I didn't have it finished in time!). My past postings on Amanda's album can be found here:
Thanks for stopping by today. Until next time, happy crafting!

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Wow, that's an amazing basket full of goodies!